A Pair Of Gold Plated Filigree And Floral Patterned Domed Circular Earrings, Each With Three Leaf Pendants.


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A pair of Gold Plated filigree and floral patterned domed circular earrings. . At the centre of each earring is a small round Garnet bead, bordered with a ring of six small round Turquoise beads, then a ring of twelve small round Garnet beads, and a border of eighteen small round Turquoise beads. Each bead is set within a Gold Plated wire border. At the base of each earring are three Gold Plated leaf pendants. The earrings are suspended from Gold Plated wire hooks. The earrings are 1 inch in diameter, and, including the hook, a drop length of 2.7 inches.

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