A Necklace Of Mauritanian Copal Amber Phenolic Circular And Barrel Beads With Metal Patterned Inlays


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A necklace of nine Mauritanian Copal Amber large and small phenolic barrel beads and four large phenolic circular beads. All the large beads are decorated with small Silvered Metal patterned inlays. Between each Copal Amber bead is a small Black Onyx round spacer, and, at each end of the necklace, is a row of three Black Onyx round beads. The four large circular beads are, each, 1.6 inches in diameter, and 0.3 inches in depth. The two largest barrel beads are 2.4 inches in diameter, and 1.2 inches in width. The necklace is 24 inches in length, and is finished with a black cotton macrame loop, and a Black Onyx round toggle.

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