A Tibetan Circular Cap Decorated With Turquoise Resin Nuggets, Small Brass Beads, Brown Glass Round Beads, Small Red Glass Beads, and A Brass Domed Circular Top Inlaid With Turquoise Slices.


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A Tibetan circular cap, decorated with eight bands of turquoise Resin nuggets,  four bands of small Brass beads, three bands of brown Glass round beads,  and, at the top of the cap, a circular band with vertical lines of small red Glass beads. At the centre of the top of the cap, is a Brass domed circular panel, decorated with eleven Brass rings, each inlaid with Turquoise circular slices, and a domed centre decorated with eight Brass teardrop bands, each inlaid with Turquoise slices. The inner diameter of the cap is 7 inches, and the cap is 4 inches in height.

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