Sulawesi Golden Metal Large Antique Ceremonial Patterned And Filigree Armlet, Indonesia


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Sulawesi Golden Metal, (Nickel free), large antique patterned and filigree ceremonial armlet. Indonesia. The inner band of the bangle, on both sides, has a hammered swirled pattern, and a series of circular knobs at the border. The outer band is made up of a series of three rows of Golden Metal tubes, each with a small semi-precious stone at the end of each tube. The three rows of tubes are connected, on the side of the bangle, by a series of Golden Metal patterned ovals. The Golden Metal tubes are, each, 1 inch in length. The inner diameter of the bangle is 3.5 inches, the outer diameter is 9.5 inches, and the width is 2.2 inches.

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