A West African Three Strand Necklace Of Black Coconut Discs, White Shells, And Copal Amber Beads




A West African necklace of three graduated strands, each decorated with black Coconut discs, white Shell domed circular beads, Copal Amber button beads, and Black Onyx round beads. The three strands are separated, at the top of each side the necklace, by two Leather bands. Above the Leather bands, are triangles of three Akan patterned Brass beads, and above these, on each side of the necklace, a single strand of black Coconut discs, white Shell discs, a Copal Amber button bead, and small Black Onyx round beads. The necklace has a drop length of 13.2 inches, and is attached, at the top, by a loop of Black Onyx round beads, and a black Coconut discs toggle.

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