An Old Tibetan Headdress, Decorated With Patterns Of Turquoise Beads, Red And Brown Glass Beads, And Golden Metal Beads


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An old Tibetan circular headdress, with a long panel at the back, decorated, throughout, with patterns of mixed sized and shaped Turquoise beads, small red Glass beads, brown Glass beads, and small Golden Metal beads. At the centre of the top of the headdress, is a domed circular panel, decorated with three tiers of  small Turquoise sliced inlays, bordered with lines of small red Glass beads, brown Glass beads, Golden Metal beads, and eight Turquoise domed oval beads. The sides of the headdress are decorated with two rows of Turquoise oval beads and four heart shaped panels, inlaid with small Turquoise irregular shaped slices. The back panel of the headdress is decorated with three domed circular panels inlaid with Turquoise chips, and bordered with small red Glass beads, Golden Metal beads, and brown Glass beads. The back panel is 7 inches in width, and 11.4 inches in drop length. The inner diameter of the headdress is 7 inches, and the headdress is 3.4 inches in height.

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